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K2A / K2AB

Code: K2A / K2AB

Roof racks made of anodized aluminum or aluminum in black color RAL9005. These racks are designed specifically to be mounted on the open longitudinal rails of the vehicle’s roof.
Minimize sound and fuel consumption thanks to the aerodynamic bar.
Easy mounting on the top of the car with a robust and easy to use clamp rack foot.
Easy to adjust roof boxes, bike, ski, canoe racks, car roof baskets and other accessories on top of them.


110cm -120cm



Aluminum roof racks or aluminium in black color RAL9005 for most car models! The oval profile of this bar ensures less possible resistance to the air, lower fuel consumption and noise.


Roof racks for most of the car models!


Roof racks with elegant desing made for cars with specific fixed points on the roof. They are easily adapted and available with anodized aluminium bars or aluminium in black color RAL9005 .