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S200XN / S500XN

Code: S200XN / S500XN

A “flexible” combination of a “classic” roof carrier along with a special kit gives solutions for cars or vans with specific fixed points on the vehicle’s roof. These carriers give extra space and flexibility to carry small objects or bulky cargo with safety and comfort.
Made of antioxidant steel, it is available in black color.


S200XN: 104cm x 110-125cm, 130cm x 110-125cm, 170cm x 110-125cm. S500XN: 180cm x 125-145-165cm, 280cm x 125-145-165cm.



The classic roof carrier converted with specific bindings, into a practical basket that can be mounted to any roof rack very easily!


Roof carrier designed specifically to be mounted to the open longitudinal rails of the car roof.

S200 / S500

Roof carrier designed for cars or vans with rain gutters.